Apr 182014

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Greetings. It is Friday, so it is time for a quick roundup of some green living and natural parenting posts from our friends!

If you read this, you are probably doing what you can to live green. Is going green a fad? Well, it has been a bit long lived to really be a fad, but it definitely follows the trajectory of a “movement”. Check out this infographic at The GO Mamas about the growth of the green movement.

Solar power has come a long way in the past 30 years. It isn’t just about large, expensive panels anymore. Hug a Tree With Me gives us 8 practical ways to use solar energy if you are looking into going solar.

Earth Day is coming up (April 22) and we love looking for ways to do a little something to make a difference when it comes to celebrating eco-friendly awareness. Join the Green Moms Network in our #HonorEarth Twitter chat on creating sustainability in every day life.

Whether you enjoy learning about your local plant life, foraging, or just want a fun and educational activity for your family, The Foraging with Kids by “Wildman” Steve Brill Book is a good place to start. Together you can learn folklore, history and science, along with recipes to take advantage of your foraged goodies. Personally, I will never forget my first time as a kid, eating a stinging nettle stir fry.

Are you looking to be more green, but need to start out with simple things right now? no worries. There are some easy approaches that won’t even cost you any money. In fact, they can save you green in the process. Musings of a Modern Hippie gives us 10 things you can do right now to be more eco-friendly.

We can’t have a Friday without at least one mention of cloth diapers, so let’s go there. My Mama Adventure has an Eco Nuts review as well as some tips for dealing with ammonia build up in your cloth diapers.

Toddler communication? It is a problem in our house. My four year old has a speech delay that has led to plenty of frustration on his end and ours. My Mama Adventure has some tips on communicating with your toddler without causing tantrums.

And now at risk of sounding like a broken record, I will encourage you to enter the two giveaways we currently have open:

The Hippity Hoppity Cloth giveaway is open. Enter to win a Tiny Tush cloth diaper and a WAHMies wet bag.

The Honor the Earth event is still in full swing and you can enter to win our CJ’s BUTTer prize and enter many more Earth friendly giveaways too.


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